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Children of Hope establishes numerous short-term trips, bringing passionate people into a place of need. By doing this, our vision is for teams to participate in the tangible building up of our ministries, to participate in the development of children’s programs, to invest time and love in the children’s lives, and ultimately, to witness and be part of God’s restorative work in hearts that were once broken. This is a way for you, and others on your team, to become involved in the lives of children!

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Team Grace Winkler Youth

WMC Youth Trip 2024

Team Ontario

This is a team of individuals who are from the Ontario region serving at the Esperanza para Ti children’s home from Jan 3 to 13, 2025. There are NO spaces available to join this team! DO NOT REGISTER EFFECTIVE June 10, 2024!!

Team Mercy Christian Church

Team Grace URC

Team Krahn Family

This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Great Commission.

“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation'”.Tom Jones

ExpectationsWhat You Can Expect

A typical day would start with a morning devotional, morning and afternoon work projects, spending time with the children, and occasionally touring the historic downtown or spending time with another ministry under Children of Hope, all followed by a team debrief.

We try our best to fit each team’s unique dynamics and skills! For example, if multiple team members are skilled in electrical, plumbing or concrete, the projects will most likely be shaped to best use their expertise.

The kitchen staff will be giving the team a little taste of Mexico by cooking three delicious meals per day.

The cost of sending a team can vary depending on the price of flights. Not including flights, on average teams can expect to pay around $1000 CAD per person, which includes transportation in Mexico, food, accommodations, construction materials, and Children of Hope T-Shirts. That being said, we encourage teams and individuals to fundraise and let their community know the missions work they plan to do.

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