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Our child sponsorship program is a monthly donation of a minimum of $40 per month. This donation goes directly to the home that cares for the child. This donation will provide a loving home, nutritious food, clothing, education, spiritual and medical care for the child.

Our sponsorship program is designed to provide an opportunity to connect personally with a child! As a child sponsor, you can expect to receive a personal Christmas Letter every year from your child, an updated photo, and a Report Card which updates you on their health and growth in different areas of their lives! Sponsors love having a snapshot into the life of their sponsor child! In return, sponsors have the opportunity to correspond with their children and even visit them through our short-term missions teams!

To completely cover the costs of the child’s needs, it costs a total of $200 per month. Typically there are five $40 sponsors for every child, but in some cases, people commit to sponsoring more than $40 per month for their child. We are happy to do what works for you and are grateful for whatever you can contribute.

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