Davin & Stephania Post

Serving at Esperana para Ti.

A big personal family update!!!: On December 2, 2022 I got married to Stephania! On October 13, 2023 our family grew, we welcomed Hendrik Post into our lives! Pray for us as we work together in the ministry at Esperanza para Ti

Hello, my name is Davin Post. I grew up in Ontario, Canada in a small town called Smithville. In grade 4, I attended John Calvin Christian school, and across the property I attended the Grassie Christian Church. However, at eighteen years old I moved to a country town in Caistor Centre that was situated on the border of Hamilton, along Westbrook. I attended Guido de Bres Highschool, as well as the Cornerstone church, which was located across from the school. God led me to mission work, so I started to attend the University of Redeemer. I was an occasional student for about a year in the field of Religion and Theology. Now being twenty-three years old, God has called me to serve at the Pan de Vida Children’s home. It is my heart’s desire to serve there for the next 10 years or more. God continues to show so much grace and love towards me. Though it’s my desire to be here at Pan de Vida, in return it has blessed me richly in so many ways and continues to do so.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!