Esperanza para Ti (“Hope for You”)

Esperanza Para Ti opened it’s doors in 2010 with a vision to fully meet the needs of orphans, children and teens that have been victims of abuse and neglect. This home strives to end this terrible cycle of abuse and introduce them to their loving Creator.

The leadership of Esperanza Para Ti previously served in the orphanage Pan De Vida, in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. Since the beginning, Pan De Vida has been supportive of our effort to reach victimized children who have found themselves without opportunities and in need of a stable home.

We currently serve 28 children and teens at Esperanza para Ti. But providing a home is not all we do. Esperanza para Ti has a fully functioning farm where they breed sheep, rabbits, chickens, pigs, cows for milk/cheese production, and meat from fish breeding in our three ponds. These projects produce food for the children and provide a source of income (as we sell the animals we breed) in order to cover some of the expenses we have as we provide for the children. In addition, we grow many different types of fruits and vegetables on our property.

Many of the children and youth that arrive here do not know how to read, so we take the time to teach them. Not only do we provide shelter, food, education, and clothing, but with the help of professionals we also provide medical care. An advantage to having an orphanage on a farm provides our teens and children with the opportunity to learn responsibility as they assist in planting, harvesting, and caring for livestock (donkeys, horses cows, cow milking, as well as the other animals mentioned above).

One of our advantages as an orphanage is the fact that the majority of our leadership and volunteers have vast experience, most having actively and directly worked with children for at least 10 years as child care workers, event organizers, coordinators, project/program creators and managers in institutions dedicated to the well-being of children.

We were the first orphanage in Mexico with 100% of its child care staff certified by the government of Mexico in the area of child shelter and care, bringing the staff of Esperanza Para Ti to a high level of quality and national recognition.

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