Ancla de Amor (“Anchor of Love”)

God has a plan and a purpose for all of us, and it is perfect. In 2012 God impressed on the hearts of a Canadian couple, a desire to build an Orphanage in Mexico. As time passed the desires of their hearts continued to burn, this passion grew so that they were consumed, every thought, every movement and every dream contained visions and thoughts of what God may want this mission to look like. 2 years later after sharing the vision with many other brothers and sisters in Christ, after countless hours of seeking God’s direction, Ancla de Amor was born.

Ancla de Amor is a Children’s Orphanage that rests on approximately 60 acres of land. The property that God provided contains 1,500 citrus fruit trees, 2 homes, a machine shop, large outdoor eating area and kitchen. As a team we are passionate about teaching the children, that God blesses us with, about the life skills they will need when they no longer require our care. When a child continues their walk with Jesus, after their journey here at Ancla de Amor, they will be ready to self sustain their own ministry in Christ with the life lessons they will acquire here.
Ancla de Amor currently operates on donations only, however, we believe that in time, Ancla de Amor will be a completely self sufficient Orphanage requiring no outside assistance for daily operations. As a team the Lord continues to show us his plans for the Orphanage, we are delighted to share the vision with you. Please take a look at the Ancla de Amor website where we have posted some of our future plans. We know that Ancla de Amor is a gift from God, not just for our team, and that he will give visions to many brothers and sisters as the Orphanage grows. We welcome your comments, ideas and assistance in any form that God is prompting. May the Lord allow us to build his kingdom together and may our thanks always be to Him who makes all things possible through Jesus Christ, GOD!!!

Our desire is to provide a safe environment filled with the Love and Compassion that our Lord Jesus Christ shows each and everyone of us as believers. We will educate, equip and give the Children in our care experiences with Jesus being the foundation of all teaching. We also wish to make sure that the Children who enter Ancla de Amor will have all their basic daily needs provided, such as food and clothing etc

We require help with many projects, you can book your next team or family mission trip through Children of hope or on our webpage at We are also in need of Financial assistance, we have many projects on the go that we are excited about, check out our website for more information.