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Children of Hope is a Non-Profit Christian Organization which aims to assist children in Mexico

Children of Hope is committed to serving Our Lord, Jesus Christ by caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children in orphanages.
Most children who come from a background of neglect, abuse, or trauma see no hope. Yet, the goal of Children of Hope is exactly the name of the ministry: to give children hope. Through caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children we are able to spark hope. We desire to see freedom from their past life of pain and be transformed into a restored child who sees their life as valuable. Children of Hope accomplishes this by showing each child that they are loved, supported and that their needs are being met.

Children of Hope desires to be the beginning of a healthy cycle of change. These children grow up in orphanages and are taught to love, care, and build up themselves and others. We believe that through teaching these values to the children, they will carry this on into their future home, work, and community. Our ministries allow children to grow up in a Christian setting to become responsible citizens of their communities.

Currently we are involved in four homes and two soup kitchens.
Our Homes:
Ancla de Amor (Anchor of Love) in Guaymas
Casa Ammi (House of Love) in Queretaro
Esperanza para Ti (Hope for You) in Queretaro
Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) in Queretaro

Our Soup Kitchens:
Brazos de Amistad (Arms of Friendship) Guadalajara
Casa Otomi (Otomi House) in the mountains of Queretaro


Sponsor a Child

We encourage you to consider sponsoring a child. With this sponsorship you can impact the lives of children in one of our ministries.
Our child sponsorship program is a monthly donation of a minimum of $40 per month which goes directly to the children’s home that cares for the child. This donation will provide food, housing, education and medical care. Will you sponsor a child today?

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