The Children’s Homes

Ancla de Amor (“Anchor of Love”)

Ancla de Amor is an orphanage which rests on 60 acres of land filled with citrus fruit trees. This place has become a safe refuge to many children!
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Casa Ammi (“House of Love”)

Casa Ammi is the newest Children of Hope home. Their vision is to create family dynamics in their homes by having multiple family style homes rather than one large orphanage. Once a home reaches their maximum number of children (12), they start another home. As of now, Casa Ammi has two homes!

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Esperanza para Ti (“Hope for You”)

Esperanza Para Ti opened it’s doors in 2010 with a vision to fully meet the needs of orphans, children and teens that have been victims of abuse and neglect. This home strives to end this terrible cycle of abuse and introduce them to their loving Creator.
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Pan de Vida (“Bread of Life”)

Pan de Vida was founded in 1990 with the purpose of helping abused and abandoned children. Pan de Vida is now the largest Children of Hope home and is working hard to be self-sufficient.

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The Soup Kitchen’s

Brazos de Amistad (“Arms of Friendship”)

Brazos de Amistad Soup Kitchen was founded by the López family after having lived in this community for many years and seeing the need of the children in Guadalajara.

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Casa Otomi (“Otomi House”)

Casa Otomi serves the Otomi indigenous community of Mexico. Located in the mountains of Queretaro, Pastor Lalo and his wife, Claudia, have a heart for the children, parents and seniors of this community and serve them through regular events and meals!

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Creando Sendas (“Creando Sendas”)

Creando Sendas started with the purpose of creating a soup kitchen for children who live on the streets. Time is spent with these children by providing nourishing food and Saturday Kids Club.

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