The Children’s Homes

Ancla de Amor (“Anchor of Love”)

Ancla de Amor is a Children’s Orphanage that rests on approximately 60 acres of land. The property that God provided contains 1,500 citrus fruit trees.
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Casa Ammi

Casa Ammi is the newest Children’s Home that Children of Hope has began to support. It was started in 2014 out of much faith and prayer.

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Esperanza para Ti (“Hope for You”)

The Orphanage Esperanza Para Ti (“Hope to You”) opened its doors March 9th 2010 with a vision to fully meet the needs of orphans, children (boys, girls) and teens that have been victims of abuse and abandonment. Many of these children have been saved from high risk situations. Now, in Esperanza Para Ti, they all have been presented and taught the great, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent love of God.
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Pan de Vida (“Bread of Life”)

Pan de Vida Ministries was founded in the fall of 1990 by Paul and Ona Seaton. It was created with the purpose of helping abused and abandoned children. In February of 1994 the institution was handed over to María Elena and Darío Hilbrands. Pan de Vida had 12 children at the time.

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The Soup Kitchen’s

Casa Otomi (“Otomi House”)

The Otomi House is a ministry that serves an indigenous community called the Otomi up in the mountains of Queretaro. Pastor Lalo and his wife Claudia have a heart for this indigenous people.

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Brazos de Amistad (“Arms of Friendship”)

Brasos de Amistad (arms of friendship) was founded by Pastor Alfonso López Rodríguez and his wife Adela Santos Medrano together with their daughter Silvia Verónica López and her husband Eugenio Delgadillo. After living in this community for more than ten years they felt the call to help the children

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