Pan de Vida September newsletter

I give thanks to God for the opportunity to visit Canada this past August. It was great to see so many of you as well as to spend time with my family. I also thank God for the privilege to be a part of the information evening hosted at my church about starting a thrift store for Children of Hope. Please keep this endeavor in your prayers.









The month of September is a month full of emotions for those living at the Pan de Vida orphanage. Emotions in the form of happy dorm parents sending their children off to school, and starting a “normal” routine once again. Emotions in the form of happy and sad children having to study and do homework again.

September 1st, was the first day of school for the 85 children at Pan de Vida, as well as for another 50 or so children coming from the city of Queretaro. We praise God for the blessing to have our own Christian school, one of only 4 others in the city of 2.2 million people. There are about 15 teachers who are helping to teach, all of whom are VOLUNTEERS. Now that is dedication! Pan de Vida was blessed to have two new classrooms for the kindergarten now located in the old boys’ dorm. One classroom was the old kitchen/dining room, and the other was the old dormitory of the youngest boys. These classrooms give more space for the children, and the children will have their own play area. We pray the best for the children in this new school year, and that above all God’s name will be glorified through this special ministry of teaching.













Another emotional day at Pan de Vida was the celebration of Mexico’s independence on September 16th. For Pan de Vida, this meant having a big party. The youth were in charge of the games, and the volunteers and teachers at Pan de Vida helped prepare the food. What a spirit of national pride!











Over the past month and a half, the older boys and I have been busy with different projects around the property. One of them was completing the enclosure for the animals to protect them from the wild dogs. This was accomplished by installing wire mesh fencing around a 40 by 50 square meter section of land by the pig pen near the back of the property. We lost many animals in the past to these dogs so I wanted to put a stop to that. We now have two ewes, three piglets, and one surviving hen. I hope to get two more ewes and one ram to complete the flock. I also hope to get teams to finish a 12 by 6 meter covered overhang to house rabbits, chickens, and whatever else ends up calling it home.











Another project that the boys have been involved in was the paving block path. This project was completed to make a path from the new boys’ house, through the orchard, and to the football field. Whenever it would rain the boys would get all muddy from the black dirt that can be found everywhere at Pan de Vida. This path will help keep things a little cleaner.


The football field received an upgraded irrigation system with 14 different sprinkler heads. This was impossible six months ago, when we only had enough water pressure for one sprinkler. We hope to keep the grass alive all year this year with the recycled water system at Pan de Vida.


With the help of Santo, one of the older boys, we made a new soccer net. This may not seem like much, but we are pretty proud of our achievement since I have never really worked with steel, and Santos was pretty insecure in his welding abilities. For those of you who know Santos, this is a big achievement for him. He is very insecure of himself, but after a little bit of prodding he got the job done. I am really proud of him. Now Pan de Vida has two soccer nets for the kids to use since the old one fell apart.













Prayer Requests:


  • Please pray for more Mexican and foreign volunteers to help at the Pan de Vida orphanage.
  • Pray that the thrift store meant to benefit Children of Hope will be up and running soon.
  • Pray for dedicated teachers in the Pan de Vida school.

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