Pan de Vida May updated

On May 8 to 12, the Van Beelen family went to visit the Dulce Refugio orphanage in Aguascalientes, their old stomping grounds. It was good to reconnect with everyone again and to see the progress in the different work projects, mainly the concrete sports area and boys’ new castle playground. While we were there, we celebrated Mother’s Day by sharing a breakfast of pancakes with all the kids and Marce got spoiled! We also got to enjoy some time with Ana’s brother and wife, Noe and Sayuri, who plan to return to Ensenada in July.











On April 26, Pan de Vida welcomed the Women’s Children of Hope team from Abbotsford, BC. The team was focused on ministering to the women at Pan de Vida through a number of conferences as well as making curtains, painting the outside of the school and office, going to the Bicentenario water park, serving at the Esperanza para Ti orphanage, visiting the Casa Otomi with the youth from Pan de Vida, touring downtown, hosting a barbeque for the children and having a prank pulled on them with spray foam. All in all it was a very blessed week for all involved. Thank you for coming and sharing your lives with the children at Pan de Vida.











From May 13 to 16 Pan de Vida hosted a conference by Dr. John Roberts from the Edinburg theological seminary in McAllen, Texas. He came as part of the teaching training program at Pan de Vida. To end the conference on the following Saturday, Pan de Vida celebrated the graduation of 4 girls from the ILMES teaching training program (the open learning institute for higher education). It is a four-year Christian degree program for teachers. The program is accredited through the Alfa and Omega University in Tabasco. It was a very special day for these girls to reach this milestone. There was also another girl who graduated from the open high school learning program for those wanting to gradute from grade 12. This high school program is through the local government. Congratulations Irma, Gaby, Atzimba, Lucy and Ines!












This past Saturday, Pan de Vida celebrated its 20th anniversary. Wow what a milestone!! For such an important event there was nothing to do but to host a big party. There were people from different business and organisations who have helped Pan de Vida over the years, as well as many other people who have helped the orphanage in one way or another. The focus was giving the glory to God for the many years in His service, ministering to the children that he brings to the orphanage. Three people shared their stories of how their lives were changed by being at the orphanage: Saul, Violeta and Ana. The youth did a skit and led the singing. We thank God for his amazing faithfulness through all these years and the years to come. God is good!












Tu y Yo Reescribiendo historias….You and I rewriting stories…To God be the glory!


I would like to especially thank Laurie, Christian and Alexandra, who visited Pan de Vida for the 20th anniversary celebrations. All three work at the Canadian Embassy (two are Canadians and one is Peruvian). They came all the way from Mexico City to get to know the orphanage and to use this opportunity to learn more about adoption possibilities. It was a great time of sharing with them and getting to know them. Thank you for taking the time to visit us! Hope to see you again soon.













To keep you updated on our yearly trip to Canada this year, after much talk Ana and I have decided that it is best that I go by myself to visit. We made this decision for personal reasons. We are sad that you will not be able to see the whole family this year. I plan to be in Canada from August 2 to 18.

Prayer Requests:
• Please pray for more mission service teams for 2015 at Pan de Vida. Please don’t hesitate to contact Jeremy Van Beelen to help you with organising a team!
• Please pray for protection from the schemes of the Devil as we all work to care for the children in this ministry at Pan de Vida.

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