Serving at Ancla de Amor.
We are Martin (Mike) and Helen Harder. I, Mike, was born in ST Thomas Ontario and Helen in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. Growing up I moved 20 times before my parents settled down in Winkler when I was 17, it is there that I finished high school, met Helen, found a church that I was baptized in and eventually married Helen. We have been married 17 wonderful years. It has just been the 2 of us in these short years of marriage and we are at peace with that.

In both 2009 and 2010, Helen and I were able to be part of a short term mission trip with the church we attended at that time. Both times we went to the San Carlos/Guaymas Senora Mexico area. It was here that the Lord opened my heart to serve those who were less fortunate. In April of 2014, Helen and I again went to Guaymas, but this time to visit our friends Brian and Clarissa Krahn at Ancla de Amor. Through some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up staying 5 weeks rather than the 2 we had planned. Helen went home after the 2 weeks as she had to get back to her job. God allowed me to see how we could be an encouragement to Brian and Clarissa, to walk alongside our brother and sister in Christ and help carry some of the burdens that they faced on the ranch. Once home, I hesitantly mentioned to Helen what I thought God had planned for us, to my surprise she said “let’s do it”. God blessed our preparations through being financially supported, our church blessing us and having safe travels.

At the Ranch, I serve in many different areas including vehicle maintenance, small equipment maintenance, welding, construction, plumbing, electrical, butchering chickens, turkey, sheep and pigs as well as yard work in the orange orchard. And last but not least, juicing oranges to be bottled and sold by donation. My favourite part is driving the bus to church on Sunday’s and listening to the kids singing Jesus Loves Me in Español. God was good in blessing me with Helen as my helpmate. In all our years of marriage, she has never backed away from a challenge, and has always worked alongside me in every trade mentioned.

We have now committed to serving at Ancla de Amor for 2 years and continue to look to God for His plan for our lives. We greatly appreciate your support, especially in praying for us, that we may be obedient to what God has called us to do. Pray that we may work well together as a team with those already at Ancla de Amor and those coming, pray that we will be a godly example to the children there.

“And the King will reply ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'” Matthew 25:40

God’s blessings,

Mike and Helen Harder

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