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Dulce Refugio News July 16, 2014 I am happy to inform you all that the orphanage Dulce Refugio is doing well. We received great news this month, in that the government has donated the land next to the orphanage so that we can build our own school. The school will be a great benefit for us in that we will be able to instruct the children in a God fearing manner. The children will also benefit from a more personalized education so that those who arrive behind in their studies can advance faster. We at times receive children of the ages 12 or 13 who have never been to school before and are unable to go to a public school because they are so far behind, this affects their self-esteem and leads to behavioral problems. So we praise God for the blessing of this land. Now we just need to raise the funds and build the school. We are currently finishing pouring the basketball court which will be a great place for the children to run off some of their endless energy. This spring we build a castle for the boys to play in. We are working on a play house for the girls. The teams are helping with these projects. We have 4 teams this summer. We also just finished celebrating the orphanage 12th anniversary on the 5th of July with a small party and a number of guests. We are very busy with groups. My family is doing well. Perla is learning to count to ten in English and Spanish. Tricia is crawling and eating whatever she can get her hands on. Maribel is busy preparing school supplies for next year’s classes for all the children. She also is doing the accounting for the receipts for Children of Hope who send money from Canada to help maintain the running of the orphanage. I have been busy building 3 small storage rooms for the children’s toys and sports equipment among other things . We also put up a covering for the girls where they can sit in the shade. welding Duane                 Pouring the roof of the storage rooms Building a canopy for shade from the sun The family services is not happy with the orphanage these days because they started a new program to see if they could match some of the older children with people who want to adopt but are not sure if they want to adopt an older child. The older children on some Saturdays and Sundays go out on visitations. The problem is that the children pray before they eat and some of the potential adoptive parents are catholic and our children have refused to take part in the catholic mass with them. The family services is saying that we are turning the children into radical Christians and are trying to make life difficult for the orphanage one of the social service workers even said that Christian orphanages should be shut down. We pray that these people will see the light of the truth of the Word of God. I, Duane, will be in Langley from the 7th to the 16th of August and will be at church on the 12th to answer any questions you might have. I thank all who support my family financially. Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. The challenges we face are made easier knowing that God our Father is looking out for all our needs. If you would like more information and pictures there are several options. -E-mail me DuaneVisscher@yahoo.ca -Facebook: Maribelita Silva Jesse Beckett Children of Hope (Pictures but in Spanish )Casa Hogar Dulce Refugio God Bless you all, Maribel, Duane, Perla and Tricia. Duane's family Castle

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  • jerry August 7, 2014   Reply →

    It is good to know that the orphanage is still going strong and we need now to pray the God will fight the good fight for us and like Jacob make our enemys to see us as giants. May God keep this good christian orphanage running for many generations to come and may He encourage those who work on the front lines of this ministry. Thanks for the update Duane. God bless you and your family as you serve.

  • Paul Mader October 2, 2014   Reply →

    Duane, are you by any chance related to Joel Visscher who married Jessica Chamberlain on Aug 15 in Abbotsford?

    • Brian Heppner October 8, 2014   Reply →

      Joel is Duane’s brother

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