Duane and Maribel Visscher

Photo of Duane and Maribel
Serving at Pan de Vida.
God brought me into the world February 10 1978. I grew up under the loving care of my parents along with my 4 brothers on a hobby farm in Langley. I went to Church every Sunday with my family. I attended a Christian school and graduated in 97.

I was working part time in construction since I was 15 and then worked full time after high school. I then studied Mechanics for a year and worked in a shop for another year. I returned to construction after deciding that I did not want to be a mechanic.

During all this time God was teaching me valuable skills. I was happy with were life was taking me. I was on my way to becoming prosperous as one can do if wise with their money in Canada. Yet I had a nagging question in my head, was that what God had created me for, was that what God wanted for my life?

Then in the summer of 2000 I had the opportunity to go on a mission’s trip. I went to have fun enjoy myself. The mission’s trip was to an orphanage in Mexico called Pan de Vida. My eyes were opened when I saw the poverty. The children were well fed but their living conditions were horrible. There were close to 90 children living in an old building. The boys were living in what used to be the animal’s shelter. Rats ran free in this area and at times at night would bite a child.

I felt God saying, “Duane, I have given you abilities to help these children.” So I returned to Mexico in January 2001. I then helped with the construction of their new facilities till the summer of 2005. The project was moving along well and the children were in their new homes.

God then opened a door to a new project at Dulce Refugio. The orphanage had a piece of land but no one to build the required buildings. So in September I headed to Dulce Refugio. I am now in charge of the construction project at Dulce Refugio.

In July, 2007 I was blessed in being able to start receiving financial support through Children of Hope. This allows me to continue with my mission aid work. I hope to continue at Dulce Refugio the Lord willing till the project is close to completion. Thank you all for your many prayers and donations.

In 2010 I got married to Maribel and we have two girls Perla who was born on Dec.8 2011 old and Tricia who was born on Oct 1, 2013.
The work continues here at the orphanage. We have built dorms for 50 children who live at the orphanage and are currently working on the school which should be finished in 2016.

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