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Cornie & Adriana Fehr
I was born in May of 1982 in a small village in southern Manitoba called Chortitz. I was the
youngest of five siblings, three brothers and one sister. My parents took me to church regularly
where I would attend Sunday school and youth in my teenage years. I gave my life to Christ
when I was 16 and got baptized shortly after. I had many times where I slipped in my Christian
walk but Gods grace was always sufficient. I met my wife, Adriana, in the summer of 2001 and
we got married on March 29, 2003. We have been blessed with six healthy children who are
growing bigger every day. Andrew is 11, Haley is 9, Michelle is 7, Caleb is 5, Joel is 3, and
Benjamin is 1. The Lord had truly blessed us with a large family where there is never a dull
moment to be had! We enjoy singing and making music and we see that our children are
growing up enjoying singing together and playing music as well. Throughout the years we have
also served in our church in different capacities at different times. We have been involved in
youth leadership for roughly 6 years and most recently we were elected as Deacons in our
I have been working in construction related jobs since getting out of high school and in 2009 I
received my Canadian red seal in Carpentry. For the past 3 years or so, I have been working as
a Maintenance Technician/Carpenter for Garden Valley School Division in Winkler. Working as
maintenance, I have been able to learn different skills from plumbing to some minor electrical.
In February of 2015, Adriana and I had an opportunity to be involved with a team from Winkler
that was planning on going to Esperanza on a mission trip. I had never been involved on a
mission trip before but had always had the desire to one day. We decided that we should both
go so we found babysitters for our children and away we went. We had no idea that that trip
would change our lives! After seeing the conditions that the children in and hearing some of the
heartbreaking stories that some of the children have been through, we knew that we could just
go back to Canada and continue our lives. The first day back home, Adriana and I both felt that
there was more to life than just working to keep up with the Jones’. We both desired to help at
Esperanza and later in summer a position opened up that we felt we should be a part of. Since
we have committed to moving to Queretaro Mexico in January 2016, we have seen how God
has been opening doors and answering prayers to show us that this is what He wants us to be
doing. We are very excited to be part of Gods plan and trust that He will be able to use us in
Mexico for His honour and glory!! Looking back at my life, I can see how God has been leading
and guiding, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. Knowing and seeing how God has
protected us in the past, we have no reason to doubt Him now.


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