Pan de Vida February newsletter

It has been a busy start to 2015 for Pan de Vida. We have hosted three teams since January from different parts of Canada.
From January 2 – 14, we hosted three couples from Manitoba who helped build some cabinets, fix cars and weld some roof structures. On January 21st, Pan de Vida hosted a team of nineteen people from Manitoba. Some have been down before, but there were new faces in the group as well. The team had a great time interacting with the children through different afternoon events with the girls and boys. They also managed to finish some major projects like laying 341 square meters (about 1100 square feet) of paving block in front of the new boys’ dorm. They poured the back patio area behind the boys’ dorm kitchen, painted Ginger and Kike’s new apartment, installed a 12 by 6 meter roof for the animal shelter, as well as other welding and painting projects. The team went to help for a day at the Esperanza para Ti orphanage, visit the Casa Otomi ministry in Amealco, and went to the town of Guanajuato for a weekend break.









From February 13 – 23, Pan de Vida hosted a Children of Hope team comprised of seven people from Ontario, a couple from Alberta and a couple from British Columbia for a total of thirteen with Brian and Bety Heppner as the leaders. The team was busy with painting the bleachers of the football/soccer field, pouring curbs for the paving block, painting steel beams, welding a roof behind the boys’ kitchen patio, fixing the playground and fixing cars. The team went to visit the Casa Otomi in Amealco, a soup kitchen outreach that Children of Hope supports. The team also made hamburgers for all the children as part of their goodbye party. A big thank-you to all the team members for their hard work in their time of service at Pan de Vida.









Pan de Vida welcomed Herman Aikema from my home church in Langley, British Columbia. He stayed for two weeks to help with different carpentry projects around the property. It is always surprising to see the list of projects that people give me when I tell them that a carpenter is coming!

Did you know?

Over the past couple of years a number of Pan de Vida youth have been involved in local soccer teams and camps. One of these youth is now involved in try-outs for the below seventeen age group for the Gallos Blancos (White Roosters) soccer club in Queretaro. This club plays on the national scene in Mexico, so it is no small feat to get to this stage. We are really proud of Borre and wish him the best in these tryouts, and above all hope he’ll be a Christian witness to the other players he plays with.

borre 2













Speaking of sports, the American football pre-season for the Bufelos Dorados (Golden Buffalos) is just starting up again at Pan de Vida. There are three different groups playing this year: the medium- aged boys, the girls’ team, and a youth boys’ team. We give thanks to Alfonso Venegas and his coaching staff who all volunteer their time to help train these children! A number of team members come from outside the orphanage. Pan de Vida has one great advantage and that is it has its own field to practice and host games on. This field isn’t a dirt field like most in Mexico but rather a field with GREEN grass. Due to the irrigation improvements implemented last year, this field has stayed green all year long. This might not sound like a big feat to some, but in Mexico this is a big deal! It costs a lot of money to keep a field green all year due to the water costs, but Pan de Vida uses recycled water for its irrigation system, so it is all free other than the gasoline to run the pumps!

A big thank-you to all those helping with the Hope for Children thrift store that opened its doors on February 10th in downtown Langley, BC. May God use this opportunity for His glory and honour. Check out their facebook page at: Hope for Children Thrift Store, or better yet, visit them yourselves if you are in the neighbourhood.

thrift store










Prayer Requests:

• Please pray for the thrift store that the Lord will continue to provide the donations and the staffing needed to keep the store running at full capacity.
• Please pray for protection from the frustrations of the Devil in the work of the Lord that is going on at the orphanages in Mexico. These frustrations comes in different forms, but it is all the same in the end, and as sinful human beings we need God’s help all the more.

Pan de Vida September newsletter

I give thanks to God for the opportunity to visit Canada this past August. It was great to see so many of you as well as to spend time with my family. I also thank God for the privilege to be a part of the information evening hosted at my church about starting a thrift store for Children of Hope. Please keep this endeavor in your prayers.









The month of September is a month full of emotions for those living at the Pan de Vida orphanage. Emotions in the form of happy dorm parents sending their children off to school, and starting a “normal” routine once again. Emotions in the form of happy and sad children having to study and do homework again.

September 1st, was the first day of school for the 85 children at Pan de Vida, as well as for another 50 or so children coming from the city of Queretaro. We praise God for the blessing to have our own Christian school, one of only 4 others in the city of 2.2 million people. There are about 15 teachers who are helping to teach, all of whom are VOLUNTEERS. Now that is dedication! Pan de Vida was blessed to have two new classrooms for the kindergarten now located in the old boys’ dorm. One classroom was the old kitchen/dining room, and the other was the old dormitory of the youngest boys. These classrooms give more space for the children, and the children will have their own play area. We pray the best for the children in this new school year, and that above all God’s name will be glorified through this special ministry of teaching.













Another emotional day at Pan de Vida was the celebration of Mexico’s independence on September 16th. For Pan de Vida, this meant having a big party. The youth were in charge of the games, and the volunteers and teachers at Pan de Vida helped prepare the food. What a spirit of national pride!











Over the past month and a half, the older boys and I have been busy with different projects around the property. One of them was completing the enclosure for the animals to protect them from the wild dogs. This was accomplished by installing wire mesh fencing around a 40 by 50 square meter section of land by the pig pen near the back of the property. We lost many animals in the past to these dogs so I wanted to put a stop to that. We now have two ewes, three piglets, and one surviving hen. I hope to get two more ewes and one ram to complete the flock. I also hope to get teams to finish a 12 by 6 meter covered overhang to house rabbits, chickens, and whatever else ends up calling it home.











Another project that the boys have been involved in was the paving block path. This project was completed to make a path from the new boys’ house, through the orchard, and to the football field. Whenever it would rain the boys would get all muddy from the black dirt that can be found everywhere at Pan de Vida. This path will help keep things a little cleaner.


The football field received an upgraded irrigation system with 14 different sprinkler heads. This was impossible six months ago, when we only had enough water pressure for one sprinkler. We hope to keep the grass alive all year this year with the recycled water system at Pan de Vida.


With the help of Santo, one of the older boys, we made a new soccer net. This may not seem like much, but we are pretty proud of our achievement since I have never really worked with steel, and Santos was pretty insecure in his welding abilities. For those of you who know Santos, this is a big achievement for him. He is very insecure of himself, but after a little bit of prodding he got the job done. I am really proud of him. Now Pan de Vida has two soccer nets for the kids to use since the old one fell apart.













Prayer Requests:


  • Please pray for more Mexican and foreign volunteers to help at the Pan de Vida orphanage.
  • Pray that the thrift store meant to benefit Children of Hope will be up and running soon.
  • Pray for dedicated teachers in the Pan de Vida school.

Pan de Vida orphanage news

It is that time again to send an update from the “field”. It seems time is just flying by! I hope you are all having a great start to 2014. Pan de Vida sure is! On January 10th the Sika Lubricant company and Banamex officially handed over the keys to the new boys’ dorm and Pan de Vida took possession of the building. The representatives of the respective companies were present as well as the mayor to make the event official. Even though this facility is all built, there are still a number of big projects that need to get finished before the boys could move in. The biggest project is a septic field since the current field is too small to incorporate another building. This project just commenced on February 6th and will take a month to complete. Pan de Vida also needs to hook up the electricity to this new building. A temporary extension line is being used at the moment. The propane gas lines are needed to be installed and will be in place soon. All in all, we are very grateful to God for providing this building. What a blessing to have this building completed in just eight months! This property will provide many new work projects for the mission teams that will be coming to serve at Pan de Vida in the coming years! DSCN8655 DSCN8661 DSCN8707 DSCN8723 DSCN8729 DSCN8751 DSCN8779 DSCN8843 DSCN8844                       Speaking of teams, on January 16 a Children of Hope team from Winkler, Manitoba arrived for two weeks of service. This team accomplished alot. There was only a list of 31 items to complete in their two weeks here! This included installing 40 window protections, clothes lines, kitchen for Javi, master bedroom for Javi, new front fence with gate and concrete ramp in the new boys’ dorm, painting the school, holiday inn, and racks for the trucks, fixing the vehicles, welding shelving unites, a gate, stands and window protections and much more! The team did a great job and served willingly in all the work that we placed before them. May God bless each and every one of them for their service at Pan de Vida. It was a pleasure getting to know you and to work beside everyone of you. DSCN8991 DSCN8992 DSCN9006 DSCN9015 DSCN9034 DSCN9036 DSCN9047 DSCN9051 DSCN9052 DSCN9063 DSCN9064 DSCN9068 DSCN9076 DSCN9088 DSCN9090 DSCN9098 DSCN9100 DSCN9116 DSCN9124 DSCN9136 DSCN9144 DSCN9168                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Here are some pictures of the work on the new septic tank…..We hope to have this done in a month, with 5 guys working on it. There will be one cistern for the sewer water of 4 by 6 meters and another cistern to capture the rain and road runsoff of 3 by 5 meters. Both will be about 2.5 to 3 meters deep…   DSCN9610 DSCN9612 DSCN9630 DSCN9640 DSCN9642

Pan de Vida update: 15th birthday, Children of Hope conference, Winkler Men of Hope team, and new boys’ dorm updated

On October 27th, two girls from Pan de Vida celebrated their 15th birthday. This is an important milestone for Mexican girls and is celebrated with lots of fan fare! There was a special ceremony prepared for the girls as well as a great meal for everyone afterwards. Many people came to be a part of the event and to share this special time with the girls. A big thank-you goes to all those who helped with buying all the special items to make this event so special for the girls. DSCN4336 DSCN4371 DSCN4382 DSCN4393 DSCN4411 DSCN4505 DSCN4496 DSCN4509 DSCN4639 On October 28 to 30, Children of Hope hosted its yearly leadership conference for its missionaries in the state and city of San Luis Potosi. Pastor Eduardo Paulin, director of the Otomi House, led the conference on the topic, “The necessary ministry of the Holy Spirit”. There were three sessions over two days. It was a great time of spiritual up-building for all involved.   DSCN4747 DSCN4713 DSCN4709 DSCN4707 DSCN4675 DSCN4789   On November 15th, the Men of Hope team from Winkler, Manitoba visited Pan de Vida. This team of 15 men were busy completing some different projects in the new boys’ dorm. A kitchen was made for the directors, window projections for 31 of the 40 windows were welded together, some clothes cabinets were started, and some tile was laid in the different patios around the Pan de Vida property. Most of the vehicles were also checked by two mechanics on the team. The Men of Hope team had the opportunity to visit the Esperanza para Ti orphanage to pour a 80-square-meter concrete pad for a new pig pen. The team also visited the Otomi house in the mountains close to Queretaro to seal and paint the building, install a new sign and give breakfast and donations to the children. DSCF0004 DSCF0017 DSCF0059 DSCF0060 DSCF0066 DSCF0070 DSCF0074 DSCF0086 DSCF0094 DSCF0100 DSCF0109 DSCN5722 DSCN6003 DSCN6022 DSCN6028 DSCN6038 DSCN6588 DSCN6593 DSCN6654 DSCN6658 DSCN6686   The Pan de Vida orphanage was blessed with a new boys’ dorm. This project was started in July of this year and the projected end date is December 7th. A lubricant company from Switzerland called Sika provided three-quarters of the funding, and a Mexican bank called Banamex provided the remainder. At times there are 23 construction workers building this facility. There are three parts to the facility: a dorm for young and medium-aged boys’ dorm as well as the director’s house in one part; an adolescent boys’ dorm in another part; and the last section is a big kitchen /dining room and TV room. There are plans to build a second storey in the not-so-distant-future, funding permitting. DSCN7287 DSCN7288 DSCN7289 DSCN7301 DSCN7291 DSCN7296 DSCN7294 DSCN7300 DSCN7302 DSCN7307 DSCN7308 DSCN7313 DSCN7316                                            

Pan de Vida church Anniversary, Boys’ dorm project and Independence day

On September 1st, 2013 the Pan de Vida church celebrated its 19th anniversary. This happened to be a Sunday as well so this celebration was incorporated into the worship service. Dario shared the message and a Sunday school class shared a song. We give thanks to God for his faithfulness in taking care of this church for so many years. After the service everyone was invited to share a lunch of posole together. You can’t have a celebration with out a good meal to come with it! For your information, the Pan de Vida orphanage was started by another couple other then Dario and Elena about two years earlier before they opened the church. So the orphanage is actually older then the church. DSCN2957 DSCN2962 DSCN2967 DSCN2978 DSCN2986 DSCN2988 DSCN2993 DSCN2994 DSCN2996 DSCN2998 DSCN3008 DSCN3018 DSCN3031 DSCN3035 DSCN3038 DSCN3045 DSCN3003                                                                                                                                                                             The new boys’ dormitory is coming along really well. The first phase will hopefully be completed by this December, which will include a dinning room and kitchen, dormitories for the younger and older boys, a water cistern, and suite for the dorm parents. This building is being built by Sika, a lubricant company, fully independent from Pan de Vida. Sika is providing most of the funding and a contractor is doing the building. There will be work for the teams on this building such as landscaping and the like when the building phase comes to a close. We will keep you posted!   DSCN3050 DSCN3071 DSCN3070 DSCN3066 DSCN3065 DSCN3064 DSCN3061 DSCN3060 DSCN3059 DSCN3054 DSCN3053 DSCN3052                                                                                                                

On September 15 Mexico celebrated its independence day. There was a lot of red, white and green to be seen everywhere, the colors of the Mexican flag. The volunteers brought different food to share with everyone as well as games were organised for the kids. Some of the children shared a number of Mexican dances and a skit about how the independence movement started in Mexico. Everyone had a great time enjoying the festivities.

  DSCN3286 DSCN3694 DSCN3663 DSCN3649 DSCN3646 DSCN3645 DSCN3644 DSCN3643 DSCN3631 DSCN3610 DSCN3604 DSCN3557 DSCN3550 DSCN3548 DSCN3535 DSCN3530 DSCN3528 DSCN3522 DSCN3519 DSCN3509 DSCN3501 DSCN3491 DSCN3482 DSCN3478 DSCN3456 DSCN3451 DSCN3446 DSCN3439 DSCN3436 DSCN3425 DSCN3421 DSCN3412 DSCN3401 DSCN3384 DSCN3383 DSCN3381 DSCN3363 DSCN3358 DSCN3352 DSCN3346 DSCN3324 DSCN3320 DSCN3314 DSCN3306 DSCN3296 DSCN3292 DSCN3291

July Team 2013

We had a team of 14 people head down to Queretaro from the 5th to the 15th of July. We arrived on a Friday and first thing Saturday morning we were off to the Casa Otomi for a great day connecting with many children and even a little time for clowning around. Lots of great things happening and we are seeing many lives being changed. This place is up in mountains a good hour out of the city of Queretaro.

IMG_0004 (2)IMG_0023 (2)



IMG_0070 (2)IMG_0242 (2)















We were able to be involved in a number of work projects at two of the children’s homes of Pan de Vida (bread of life) and Esperanza para Ti (hope for you) which involved welding, painting, digging and always some concrete work. Of course always time for getting to know the children.


STB_1877 (2)IMG_0215 (2)STA_1870 (2)IMG_0626 (2)

















We were also able able to be part of the inauguration of the new boy’s dorm at Dulce Refugio (sweet refuge) which was very special for the whole team. These buildings are beautiful inside and out.















We even were able to catch the final football game for the Bufalos which is the Pan de Vida mixed football team. Great game that ended tied so they went to sudden death overtime very exciting finish. And a couple of shots just hanging out with the kids. Thanks so much for this team that took of their time and resources to be part of these children’s lives.


IMG_1890 (2)IMG_0472 (2)








IMG_0655 (2)IMG_0519 (2)



Dulce Refugio boys’ dorm inauguration ceremony

On July 13 Dulce Refugio celebrated the inauguration of the boys’ dormitory. Many people came to be a part of this event, including the representative of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City, Ginette Martin. A representative from the State government and social services were also present. Brian Heppner also came to the event. He brought a team that was visiting the Pan de Vida orphanage in Queretaro to visit Dulce Refugio and to share a few words in the event and cut the ribbon. A local university called UVM, Mexican Valley university, made 1200 appetizers for the event as well. We give thanks to God for letting this event happen by seeing the completion of the boys’ dormitory. Thanks to all who helped financially support this project over the years as well as to those who physically came down to make concrete and bend rebar!! We couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU SAM_1086 SAM_1095 SAM_1102 SAM_1108 SAM_1109 SAM_1111 SAM_1121 SAM_1124 SAM_1127 SAM_1129 SAM_1138 SAM_1152 SAM_1154 SAM_1156 SAM_1164 SAM_1166 SAM_1183 SAM_1206 SAM_1208 SAM_1209 SAM_1213 SAM_1219 SAM_1220 SAM_1226 SAM_1228              

Women’s mission’s trip April 12-22, 2013

I thank each one of you who partnered with the team praying and helping with financial support. God’s will was accomplished.
The Lord gave me the opportunity to go on a women’s Mission’s trip in April. I prayed before the trip, so that I would be ready to be stretched by him. It wasn’t my first or second trip, I have been in various and every time I realize that the Lord has taught me something. This time I was able to experience His teaching before the trip, for the first time I sowed some bags that the team was taking for the girls at the orphanage. Also before the trip the Lord taught me how to drive a 15 passenger van. To be honest sowing and driving a big van hasn’t been my gifting but I know that the Lord works through our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).
The team held a conference for the teen girls called “New Creation in Christ” 2 Corinthians 5:17, where some of the girls committed their purity to the Lord. It was amazing to see those girls very comforted and feel pure and new, with so much courage and hope in Christ.
During the trip I was taught many new things. I experienced the love of God in a new way and I wasn’t expecting to have such a close relationship with teen girls. I’m thankful for that.
The volunteers at the orphanage one more time taught me how to serve whole hearted, without hesitation. One of the teens taught me what forgiveness means when she asked prayer for her family and said that even though they don’t love me, I want them to be saved.
The Lord called on one of the teens and she became a Christian and other girl re-committed her life to the Lord.
The team was able to accomplish painting, sowing, clean up a storage room, host a volunteers tea to be grateful for their commitment to the orphanage and to the Lord, took the girls to buy undergarments that properly fit them, outreaches to the Otomi Community (Otomi House), Esperanza para ti orphanage (Hope for you), spent a wonderful evening of fellowship with the girls that live on the transition house; praying, sharing testimonies and worshiping our Lord. The team also was able to purchase kitchen supplies, Sunday School supplies, Fans for the hot season, water dispenser, boys undergarments, supported financially for the Youth summer camp.
On my way home the Lord gave me instructions to make amends with some very dear people, as well as He showed me how I can be a better wife for my husband.
I thank the Lord for the privilege to go in this mission. He didn’t need me, but He gave me the opportunity to be part of this team.
I encourage you to be part of a team: women’s team, men’s team, mixed team, doesn’t matter your age, skills or finances, because the Lord provides and uses us all.

SWAP (Sports With A Purpose) visit to Dulce Refugio as well as the visit to Pan de Vida and Esperanza para Ti

From May 17th to 21st, Bruno de Jesus  (yes that is Bruno’s last name) and Kevin Walter from Indiana, USA came to Dulce Refugio on a scouting mission to look into the possibility of bringing their soccer team of 8, 9 and 10 years old’s to Mexico for a soccer tournament with local soccer clubs as well as to serve in the orphanage. Bruno is from Brazil and came to the USA on a soccer scholarship. He had some contacts with the Necaxa soccer club from Aguascalientes so we visited their sports complex to talk to the managers and see what could get worked out. They had a very successful trip and Dulce Refugio hopes to host their team in August of 2014.

Having a meeting with Marce about the plans for the trip.


Each major soccer club in Mexico has its own training school from where they get some of their professional players. Aguascalientes has three of these school, Necaxa, Chivas and Cruz Azul. We visited the Chivas and Necaxa clubs to see if the kids under their training would want to play a team from the USA. It was pretty cool to see the facilities these soccer (football) clubs have set up. It only costs about $400 pesos a month to train in their schools with professional coaches.

The Chivas club….

SAM_0299 SAM_0300 SAM_0301 SAM_0310 SAM_0316 SAM_0327



The Necaxa club….a little bit nicer then the Chivas club since it is their home State! They start training kids at 2 and 3 years of age! We didn’t meet any of the professional players since they were on holidays.



SAM_0362 SAM_0369 SAM_0368 SAM_0363 SAM_0350 SAM_0347 SAM_0359 SAM_0367 SAM_0365 SAM_0353







This pass weekend, Ana and I (Jeremy) went to visit the Pan de Vida orphanage. The big news from there is that the building of the new boys’ dorm has begun. The cost of this project will be mostly covered by the Sika lubricant company from Switzerland. The first phase of the project will hopefully be completed by the end of the 2013, which will include a dormitory and kitchen/dinning room. Currently the machines are leveling and compacting the foundation for the buildings.

SAM_0528 SAM_0529 SAM_0522 SAM_0525














Here are some more pictures of the grand stands built by Sika….

SAM_0534 SAM_0535 SAM_0536 SAM_0538 SAM_0537 SAM_0539




















We visited the Esperanza para Ti orphanage as well. Our three boys loved all the animals, especially Samuel who for him everything was so new.

SAM_0553 SAM_0559








The last team helped with finishing the front entrance to the main building. It was sure nice to see the windows installed so less dust and flies can get into the dinning room. New railings have been installed as well as a better doorway, some new walkways, a storage shed and laundry area.


SAM_0570 SAM_0567 SAM_0563 SAM_0564 SAM_0565 SAM_0561 SAM_0562 SAM_0541 SAM_0543





































Southern Ontario Team February 2013

Sorry for the late posting. We had a team of 12 people from Southern Ontario serving at our orphanages in Queretaro. They were able to accomplish numerous projects with painting, concrete work, building shelving units as well as connect with the children. Thanks so much team for your support and willingness to serve in central Mexico we hope to see you back next year. We have been so blessed with the team we receive each year from Southern Ontario.

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