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Dulce Refugio News July 16, 2014 I am happy to inform you all that the orphanage Dulce Refugio is doing well. We received great news this month, in that the government has donated the land next to the orphanage so that we can build our own school. The school will be a great benefit for us in that we will be able to instruct the children in a God fearing manner. The children will also benefit from a more personalized education so that those who arrive behind in their studies can advance faster. We at times receive children of the ages 12 or 13 who have never been to school before and are unable to go to a public school because they are so far behind, this affects their self-esteem and leads to behavioral problems. So we praise God for the blessing of this land. Now we just need to raise the funds and build the school. We are currently finishing pouring the basketball court which will be a great place for the children to run off some of their endless energy. This spring we build a castle for the boys to play in. We are working on a play house for the girls. The teams are helping with these projects. We have 4 teams this summer. We also just finished celebrating the orphanage 12th anniversary on the 5th of July with a small party and a number of guests. We are very busy with groups. My family is doing well. Perla is learning to count to ten in English and Spanish. Tricia is crawling and eating whatever she can get her hands on. Maribel is busy preparing school supplies for next year’s classes for all the children. She also is doing the accounting for the receipts for Children of Hope who send money from Canada to help maintain the running of the orphanage. I have been busy building 3 small storage rooms for the children’s toys and sports equipment among other things . We also put up a covering for the girls where they can sit in the shade. welding Duane                 Pouring the roof of the storage rooms Building a canopy for shade from the sun The family services is not happy with the orphanage these days because they started a new program to see if they could match some of the older children with people who want to adopt but are not sure if they want to adopt an older child. The older children on some Saturdays and Sundays go out on visitations. The problem is that the children pray before they eat and some of the potential adoptive parents are catholic and our children have refused to take part in the catholic mass with them. The family services is saying that we are turning the children into radical Christians and are trying to make life difficult for the orphanage one of the social service workers even said that Christian orphanages should be shut down. We pray that these people will see the light of the truth of the Word of God. I, Duane, will be in Langley from the 7th to the 16th of August and will be at church on the 12th to answer any questions you might have. I thank all who support my family financially. Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. The challenges we face are made easier knowing that God our Father is looking out for all our needs. If you would like more information and pictures there are several options. -E-mail me DuaneVisscher@yahoo.ca -Facebook: Maribelita Silva Jesse Beckett Children of Hope (Pictures but in Spanish )Casa Hogar Dulce Refugio God Bless you all, Maribel, Duane, Perla and Tricia. Duane's family Castle

Faithworks 2013- A bunch of firsts

On November 5, 2013, we welcomed Faithworks team from the greater Toronto, Ontario area (plus 1 from Vancouver, BC). It was an awesome 10 days filled with many firsts. First missions trip, first time trip leading, first team to stay in the dorms with the kids, first time taking the kids to a pro soccer game, first team I have hosted, first time mixing concrete for some… The team was busy all week scraping paint, digging trenches, pouring concrete, bending rebar. Those were the things they did for the kids. What they did with the kids was even more challenging, rewarding, and in my opinion impactful. They took the kids to a nearby mountain for a early morning hike, stoked the fires of futbol dreams by treating them to the local professional futbol (soccer) team- Necaxa, and of course the ever popular Sunday afternoon park trip. Even in their “free time”, the team gave of themselves spending many hours playing futbol, doing hair, and all around loving on the kids and just spending time with them. It was a beautiful thing to watch. They exemplified Christ’s love to the kids by being His hands and feet. By far, it was the best team I have ever hosted…………(and also my first). They are now part of the Dulce Refugio story, and I think and hope that many of them will be back to visit soon. Here’s some of the highlights:  

3 buckets sand, 3 buckets of rock, 1 bucket water 1/2 bag of cement, and what do ya get? concrete pie!

3 buckets sand, 3 buckets of rock, 1 bucket water 1/2 bag of cement, and what do ya get? concrete pie!

Are we done yet?

Are we done yet?

No square knots please!!

No square knots please!!

Narrow is the path that leads to non-spillage!!

Narrow is the path that leads to non-spillage!!

Yes sir, I'll have some more concrete please...

Yes sir, I’ll have some more concrete please…

Lookin chido (cool)

Lookin chido (cool)

Drama time!

Drama time!

At the Necaxa futbol game.

At the Necaxa futbol game.

A view from the top of Picacho (dead man mountain)

A view from the top of Picacho (dead man mountain)

no spanish, no problema! food is universal language.

no spanish, no problema! food is universal language.

what's the capacity on that bike? Watch out for the goose!

what’s the capacity on that bike? Watch out for the goose!

Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid? No, why do you ask?

Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid? No, why do you ask?

Hands of steel, bending and tying rebar for the walls.

Hands of steel, bending and tying rebar for the walls.

So when you add up over 5 tons of cement mixed, 3,000 lbs of rebar, 56 kids, 10 team members, a little sickness, a little soreness, and 10 days of memories… I’d say you’d have a pretty great week. Thanks for reading! Jesse

August/September 2013 Nehemiah comes to Dulce Refugio

From left to right: Ella, Jesse, Faith, Rowan, Silas, Quinn

It is a time of transition here at Dulce Refugio. First, let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Jesse Beckett, and here is my family: Wife Faith, and 4 children Silas, Quinn (Alejandro), Ella, and Rowan. We are from Columbus, Ohio in the U.S. and arrived at Dulce Refugio on August 1, 2013. I have been coming to Dulce Refugio since 2008 when there was only the comedor on site. After participating in and leading many short term teams here, I felt God calling our family to come serve at Dulce Refugio back in 2010. We spent the next 2 1/2 years selling our house, most of our possessions, and most importantly were honed by God to prepare us for this next chapter in God’s story. I will be coordinating short term teams and individuals here at Dulce Refugio, as well as being in charge of the boys dormitory. My wife will be in charge of the comedor, and in general we are here to serve any way we can. If you would like to find out more about us, please check out our website at www.thebecxicanwire.wordpress.com.

With no teams scheduled until November, it has been a great time for us here at Dulce Refugio to get caught up on some things, and get ready for the next stage of our lives. The boys will be finally moving into the new dormitory on Saturday September 28! Finally, I can answer the question I get asked on a daily basis by at least half of the boys… “Cuando mudamos?” When are we moving? We had been holding out for the 2 water storage tanks, hot water heaters, and commercial washing machines that are being funded by FondoCanada, but we can’t wait any longer. Hopefully we receive the money from FondoCanada to purchase them in October, to finish off the dorm. What a great blessing God has given us in FondoCanada through the years.

The kids all returned to school on August 19th. Please pray that we can locate the birth certificates of some of the newest children so we can get them started in school with their brothers and sisters. Also, on September 16th we celebrated Independence Day… Mexican style! Viva Mexico! My kids commented they prefer Mexican parties to American parties. The staff went all out here to make this a happy and memorable time for all the kids. Great job everyone!

Mexico independence day








It was great to see some old friends of Dulce Refugio as well. Many thanks to Bobbi Seski and Tina Jones for their visits, and hard work. Although, I can attest from personal experience. Dulce Refugio grows on you, and if you visit often enough…you might just stay here! I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them.

On the construction side of things, Nehemiah has come to Dulce Refugio. Our workers Juan and Santiago completed a wall for the new construction (and future school!) entrance. Also, we have finally cleaned up the worksite (those of you who visit every year will appreciate this more), and laid constructed the walls for the multipurpose field. This field will be home to many joyous memories and epic games of futbol, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, and bike riding… maybe even all at the same time! We will be building a retaining wall next with some storage rooms that will be underneath the main parking lot which will hold up to 30 cars. Don’t worry, Duane is building it so you could park a tank on it if you wanted to! By the end of this week, we will have an excavator come and move the dirt around to make things ready for the teams coming in November to pour the concrete field. I know it breaks their hearts knowing they won’t have to dig in the “soft Mexican dirt”… (does sarcasm come across in my wording:-)?

These are the walls of the future multipurpose field.

These are the walls of the future multipurpose field.

New construction (and future school) entrance.

New construction (and future school) entrance.








I hope you have enjoyed my first post, please let me know if you have any questions, or want to come for a visit. My email is jessebeckett78@gmail.com.

Prayer Requests:

– We receive the deed from the government for the adjacent property before the government changes on January 1st. We need the deed before we can start any work on the school. We have been working on this for 2 years now…

– Pray for some of the older kids struggling in school. For those children that stay with us until they are adults, it is our goal to give them the best possible chance to succeed in the community. That begins with God, and their education is built upon that foundation.

– Pray for additional partners who can help financially in the great work being done at Dulce Refugio. We had to recently lay off our 2 Mexican construction workers due to lack of funding. We know that God will provide, He always has, and always will.

July Team 2013

We had a team of 14 people head down to Queretaro from the 5th to the 15th of July. We arrived on a Friday and first thing Saturday morning we were off to the Casa Otomi for a great day connecting with many children and even a little time for clowning around. Lots of great things happening and we are seeing many lives being changed. This place is up in mountains a good hour out of the city of Queretaro.

IMG_0004 (2)IMG_0023 (2)



IMG_0070 (2)IMG_0242 (2)















We were able to be involved in a number of work projects at two of the children’s homes of Pan de Vida (bread of life) and Esperanza para Ti (hope for you) which involved welding, painting, digging and always some concrete work. Of course always time for getting to know the children.


STB_1877 (2)IMG_0215 (2)STA_1870 (2)IMG_0626 (2)

















We were also able able to be part of the inauguration of the new boy’s dorm at Dulce Refugio (sweet refuge) which was very special for the whole team. These buildings are beautiful inside and out.















We even were able to catch the final football game for the Bufalos which is the Pan de Vida mixed football team. Great game that ended tied so they went to sudden death overtime very exciting finish. And a couple of shots just hanging out with the kids. Thanks so much for this team that took of their time and resources to be part of these children’s lives.


IMG_1890 (2)IMG_0472 (2)








IMG_0655 (2)IMG_0519 (2)



Dulce Refugio boys’ dorm inauguration ceremony

On July 13 Dulce Refugio celebrated the inauguration of the boys’ dormitory. Many people came to be a part of this event, including the representative of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City, Ginette Martin. A representative from the State government and social services were also present. Brian Heppner also came to the event. He brought a team that was visiting the Pan de Vida orphanage in Queretaro to visit Dulce Refugio and to share a few words in the event and cut the ribbon. A local university called UVM, Mexican Valley university, made 1200 appetizers for the event as well. We give thanks to God for letting this event happen by seeing the completion of the boys’ dormitory. Thanks to all who helped financially support this project over the years as well as to those who physically came down to make concrete and bend rebar!! We couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU SAM_1086 SAM_1095 SAM_1102 SAM_1108 SAM_1109 SAM_1111 SAM_1121 SAM_1124 SAM_1127 SAM_1129 SAM_1138 SAM_1152 SAM_1154 SAM_1156 SAM_1164 SAM_1166 SAM_1183 SAM_1206 SAM_1208 SAM_1209 SAM_1213 SAM_1219 SAM_1220 SAM_1226 SAM_1228              

Dulce Refugio update: Painting, Sod, and Boys’ dorm projects

Happy Canada day to you all! We even celebrated in Mexico at Dulce Refugio with poutine, hamburgers and nanaimo bars. What a treat! Thanks Erin!


SAM_0888 SAM_0889
SAM_0894 SAM_0895 SAM_0897 SAM_0902 SAM_0903 SAM_0906





































The work continues to progress at Dulce Refugio, as the inauguration date of the boys’ dorm comes closer and closer. On June 27, Dulce Refugio was blessed with a work team from a local Mexican company that makes steel wire products for Pepsi and the like called De Todo en Alambre. A group of 22 people came including the USA contact, Joel Schwane, and the head of the company in Mexico, Gabriel Vallejo. Joel Schwane came in 2012 to get to know the orphanage and to see what his company could help with.  The volunteers helped lay some new sod for the play area in front of the kitchen/dining room building which was donated by the city of Aguascalientes. They also helped paint the boys’ dorm and gave a new coat of paint on the kitchen/dinning room building. We are very grateful for their help. This company will be making free of charge the shelving units for the new freezer room as well as donating roofing materials, making cloths hangers for the cabinet units in the boys’ dorm and cable for the cloths line. The company will send another 15 people on July 4 to finish the painting project.

The sod project….a huge job! The kids even helped. Some hedging plants were also donated and were getting planted as well.













































































































The painting project…….dining room and boys’ dorm

SAM_0799 SAM_0800 SAM_0827 SAM_0845 SAM_0867





























The boys’ dorm….


SAM_0807 SAM_0809 SAM_0810 SAM_0811 SAM_0821 SAM_0823 SAM_0824 SAM_0830 SAM_0831 SAM_0835 SAM_0600 SAM_0878 SAM_0879





















































On June 26, a team of four from Maple Ridge, British Columbia arrived for a two week stay.  The team will be busy with making kitchen cabinets, painting and preparing the boys’ dorm for the inauguration. They have their hands full!


SAM_0881 SAM_0882 SAM_0883 SAM_0884 SAM_0885 SAM_0887



































Some other projects we have been finishing have been the freezer room, tiling, hanging doors, water purification room and painting

SAM_0599 SAM_0600 SAM_0601 SAM_0602 SAM_0624 SAM_0871 SAM_0873 SAM_0874 SAM_0875 SAM_0868 SAM_0869 SAM_0870 SAM_0621 SAM_0620




















































Do you think these two can get themselves into any trouble?



SWAP (Sports With A Purpose) visit to Dulce Refugio as well as the visit to Pan de Vida and Esperanza para Ti

From May 17th to 21st, Bruno de Jesus  (yes that is Bruno’s last name) and Kevin Walter from Indiana, USA came to Dulce Refugio on a scouting mission to look into the possibility of bringing their soccer team of 8, 9 and 10 years old’s to Mexico for a soccer tournament with local soccer clubs as well as to serve in the orphanage. Bruno is from Brazil and came to the USA on a soccer scholarship. He had some contacts with the Necaxa soccer club from Aguascalientes so we visited their sports complex to talk to the managers and see what could get worked out. They had a very successful trip and Dulce Refugio hopes to host their team in August of 2014.

Having a meeting with Marce about the plans for the trip.


Each major soccer club in Mexico has its own training school from where they get some of their professional players. Aguascalientes has three of these school, Necaxa, Chivas and Cruz Azul. We visited the Chivas and Necaxa clubs to see if the kids under their training would want to play a team from the USA. It was pretty cool to see the facilities these soccer (football) clubs have set up. It only costs about $400 pesos a month to train in their schools with professional coaches.

The Chivas club….

SAM_0299 SAM_0300 SAM_0301 SAM_0310 SAM_0316 SAM_0327



The Necaxa club….a little bit nicer then the Chivas club since it is their home State! They start training kids at 2 and 3 years of age! We didn’t meet any of the professional players since they were on holidays.



SAM_0362 SAM_0369 SAM_0368 SAM_0363 SAM_0350 SAM_0347 SAM_0359 SAM_0367 SAM_0365 SAM_0353







This pass weekend, Ana and I (Jeremy) went to visit the Pan de Vida orphanage. The big news from there is that the building of the new boys’ dorm has begun. The cost of this project will be mostly covered by the Sika lubricant company from Switzerland. The first phase of the project will hopefully be completed by the end of the 2013, which will include a dormitory and kitchen/dinning room. Currently the machines are leveling and compacting the foundation for the buildings.

SAM_0528 SAM_0529 SAM_0522 SAM_0525














Here are some more pictures of the grand stands built by Sika….

SAM_0534 SAM_0535 SAM_0536 SAM_0538 SAM_0537 SAM_0539




















We visited the Esperanza para Ti orphanage as well. Our three boys loved all the animals, especially Samuel who for him everything was so new.

SAM_0553 SAM_0559








The last team helped with finishing the front entrance to the main building. It was sure nice to see the windows installed so less dust and flies can get into the dinning room. New railings have been installed as well as a better doorway, some new walkways, a storage shed and laundry area.


SAM_0570 SAM_0567 SAM_0563 SAM_0564 SAM_0565 SAM_0561 SAM_0562 SAM_0541 SAM_0543





































Canadian Ambassador’s visit to the Dulce Refugio orphanage

On May 30th, the Canadian Ambassador to Mexico, Sara Hradecky, came to visit the orphanage to see the progress of the construction of the boys’ dormitory. It was a short visit but very impacting. The children sang to the Ambassador as the event began. Marce thanked her and Canada for all their help, as well as all the local companies who have been helping the orphanage over the years. We then gave her the grand tour of the new boys’ dorm. Hopefully the Ambassador will be able to come for the inauguration on July 13th. The Canadian Embassy in Mexico city provided $450,000 pesos of funding for the boys’ dorm through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives program, for a total of $600,000 pesos since 2009 for the three projects they have helped support. We will be submitting another project proposal in June, this time for $500,000 pesos. Pray that we will have our project accepted since it is such a huge help for Dulce Refugio! God is good! It was an orphanage affair. The children helped to clean the boys’ dorm. It has never been this clean before! Actually it was the first good cleaning it ever had! It sure was nice to have many hands helping with this. The girls now want to move to this new dormitory!! SAM_0429 SAM_0431 SAM_0433 SAM_0436 SAM_0438   The arrival of the Ambassador. It was a new experience for me, Jeremy Van Beelen, to be in an armed escort, taking the Ambassador from the Marriott hotel to the orphanage. SAM_0443 SAM_0444 SAM_0445 SAM_0454     The event was held on the top floor of the boys’ dorm in the recreation room. SAM_0456 SAM_0457 SAM_0459 SAM_0460 SAM_0461 SAM_0464   Marce personally thanked the Ambassador Sara Hradecky for the help they have given the orphanage over the years. The Governor’s wife was also present, who Marce thanked as well. The orphanage presented two gifts to the Ambassador, one was for her and one was for the organisation Fondo Canada, something for them to remember the orphanage by. SAM_0465 SAM_0466 SAM_0468 SAM_0477 SAM_0478 SAM_0481   Some refreshments were served afterwards. SAM_0483 SAM_0484 SAM_0485 SAM_0486 SAM_0487 SAM_0488 SAM_0489 SAM_0490 SAM_0494

Team Integrity update # 2

The Integrity team did an amazing job of painting one of the boys’ dorm rooms in the theme of Noah’s ark. They worked till 1 am in the morning to get it finished (if not longer!!) before they left.


SAM_0238 SAM_0239 SAM_0240 SAM_0241


Thursday praise and worship with the team.

SAM_0114 SAM_0115 SAM_0116 SAM_0117 SAM_0121 SAM_0138



The team had the opportunity to visit Guanajuato on their tourist day. Here are some shots of the city.

SAM_0146 SAM_0143 SAM_0147 SAM_0151 SAM_0153 SAM_0160 SAM_0164 SAM_0176 SAM_0178 SAM_0179 SAM_0182 SAM_0184 SAM_0186 SAM_0189 SAM_0191 SAM_0192


The goodbye barbeque. What do you get when you mix a Chinese team with 10 cans of sticky string and A Mexican Director and 10 cans of spray foam? Lots of fun!!

SAM_0196 SAM_0199 SAM_0200 SAM_0202 SAM_0204 SAM_0207 SAM_0209 SAM_0219


Two magnificent buildings giving testimony to God’s faithfulness and blessings!



Some random pictures….the new kitchen cabinet donated by Martinrea auto parts company, tiling on the second floor of the boys’ dorm, Perla and Samuel checking out the new chicken coup, and the new door leading into the water room. SAM_0246 SAM_0242 SAM_0129 SAM_0131 SAM_0133 SAM_0111 SAM_0112


This past Friday, Bruno de Jesus, a Brazilian now living in the USA, Kevin Walter, an American and Victor Marquez, the brother to Jorge Marquez, came on a reconnaisence trip to look into bringing a soccer team of 9, 10 and 11 year old’s to serve at Dulce Refugio through a soccer ministry call Sports with a Purpose.  It has been a productive weekend trip for them as they meet with Marcela, the directors of the Necaxa sports club and others to organize a tournament. They hope to bring a team down in August 2014.

SAM_0272 SAM_0275

This past Sunday, the Equipo Brothers won their first game in the local church soccer league. They won 4 – 2. The team all wears Herbalife jerseys with the number 23.

SAM_0292 SAM_0284 SAM_0283 SAM_0279 SAM_0277


Have a great day!

Children of Hope Team Integrity from Calgary, Alberta visiting the Dulce Refugio children’s home

On May 2nd the team Integrity arrived from Calgary, Alberta for a 10 day trip to Dulce Refugio. This team of 18 people happen to be all Chinese Canadians! The team is busy with painting the inside and  outside of the boys’ dorm, preparing and pouring the roof of the water purification room, painting the new bakery located in the storage room adjacent to the boys’ dorm, grouting the bathroom tiles, and other odds and ends.

On Saturday May 4th,  the team had the privilege to take the children to a local water park called Mundo A. In total 67 people went to the water park for about 5 hours. The park was nice to give a 2 for 1 deal to lower the cost a little. Everyone had fun in the sun!



Since the inauguration of the boys’ dorm is fast approaching, it is good to see all the little details coming together. A team of 18 sure helps to get work done! The third floor of the boys’ dorm is all tiled. There still has to be some painting to be completed but the majority of the work is finished. The second floor is all plastered so there is only the first floor to do now. Here are some pictures of the painting projects that the team is working on…..

The Dulce Refugio bakery…..getting a new door and paint job.



The outside of the boys’ dorm getting some….a LOT of colour!!



The inside of the boys’ dorm getting painted…white and blue..

SAM_0040 SAM_0041 SAM_0098 SAM_0099 SAM_0078 SAM_0080


The water room roof getting poured….all by pour muscle and bucket..it only took an hour and a half!!

SAM_0028 SAM_0029 SAM_0043 SAM_0047 SAM_0048 SAM_0050 SAM_0051 SAM_0077


The 10 guys on the team were also busy with digging out a patio area by the girls’ dorm basement. They dug out the hole and poured the floor.

HELLOMOTOIDEN HELLOMOTOIDEN SAM_0011 SAM_0038 SAM_0073 SAM_0082 SAM_0085 SAM_0087 SAM_0088 SAM_0091 SAM_0092 SAM_0093 SAM_0094 SAM_0095


The team shared a number of songs in the worship service on Sunday as well as played a number of instruments. After the service, the team took the children of a local park call Cedazo.



Some other random pictures….


P.S: Dulce Refugio is in the process of finalizing the visit of the Canadian Ambassador to Mexico on May 30th. We are all VERY excited to be able to show off to the Ambassador all what God has been accomplishing through the funding received for the building of the boys’ dorm. The Canadian Embassy supported this project with $450,000 pesos so we are eager to show off to her what was all accomplished with the funding received.

P.S.S: I (Jeremy Van Beelen) want to thank the team leader, Dave Ng, for bringing down a new camera. This wasn’t even asked for but as a testament to just how God provides, two weeks earlier my previous water proof camera gave up the ghost when it was discovered it wasn’t waterproof any more after taking a dip in the pool while on holidays. It seems every three years I need a new camera for some reason…not like I take a lot of pictures or anything. Thank you so much! God is good!

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